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Are your Coffee beans the best they can be?


Coffee is coffee but for some, it’s more than that. Coffee aficionados want high quality coffee but often don’t know much about coffee selection. With the variety of types and brands that are out there, it comes as no surprise that many find the decision making process quite challenging.

More often than not, you either have a go-to source or type and the rest are either given to you and you just happen to like it. At its most basic level, coffee needs to be strong, hot, aromatic, a bit bitter and definitely delicious. However, the reality is that coffee is rather complex – the variety, compounds, roast levels, and sources are too many to count. This basically means the possibilities with coffee are endless.

The Basics of High Quality Coffee

Before buying your next bag of coffee beans, make sure you read through some of the basic criteria below so you can make the best possible decision.

Whole Coffee Beans: Coffee’s quality is at its peak when ground from coffee beans. While convenience is one of the main reasons people purchase ground, there is a massive loss of freshness and taste when bought pre-ground.

Freshly Roasted: Once coffee beans are roasted, the richness, aroma and full-bodied flavor of coffee are diminished. As far as estimates go, the range and intensity of flavor is best within the first two weeks of roasting.

As a practice, find out the roast date and make sure that it’s on the package or label. While many say that roasting dates don’t matter but actually, it does. Those who say it isn’t important or – even worse – a retailer that says they don’t know, chances are, you’ll be getting a cup of coffee that will leave you wanting more – in a bad way.

Source and Location: The best place to cultivate coffee is the tropics. As the number of growers increase, it is vital coffee lovers ask more questions about where coffee is sourced from. Keep an open mind but be discerning about the coffee beans you buy. Additionally, each region is known for distinct taste characteristic and signature flavor.

There are two types of coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica, both of which are grown all over the world. In general, robusta tend to be more affordable and used in commercial coffee. They have higher levels of caffeine and have a stronger, “nuttier” taste. Arabica, on the other hand, is widely used as artisan coffee and is described to have a more refined or “silky” taste.

Roasting and Caffeine Content: When it comes to caffeine content, darker coffee beans have the least compared to medium browns and light roasts – which have the most of all three. If you want coffee beans that pack a punch, it’s best to go for medium to light roast. For those who want less caffeine influx, you’re better off with the medium to dark.

Certifications: When it comes to coffee beans and certification, they typically govern production and business practices. Certifications are given based on the coffee beans being shade grown, sustainable, organically produced, as well as fair-trade practices. These guarantees ensure buyers get exactly what they pay for. Feel confident that your coffee beans are up to par with your standards and check to see if your producer/ coffee beans source can provide the certification you deem relevant.


Choosing Your Coffee Source


Premium coffee beans retailers all share the quality in that they are connected to the growers they source their beans from. In cases where they do their own roasting, it’s good to know a bit more about your retailer so you know what to expect from each cup of coffee.

When it comes to getting high-quality coffee beans that translate to a delicious, aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee, locals trust Gus Café. We have been providing locals and guests with a wide range of food and beverage options. Our smart and simple space is inviting and conducive to heart to heart conversations, business meetings or simply sitting around and relaxing. Coffee is about experiences and connections so don’t be surprised if we know you by name.

As excited and energetic coffee-enthusiasts, our mission is simple, to provide high-quality menu items at the best possible prices. We make it a point to prepare your drink just the way you like it to ensure you get the ultimate drinking experience.

Here at Gus Café, we understand that there are a range of options available and we’re here to quench your thirst. Many coffee lovers want to know everything about their coffee and we are more than willing to oblige. Pop by the counter and shoot your questions and our friendly team will answer all your queries.

Coffee is a personal experience and subjective in every way so feel free to experiment with  coffee beans and drinks and make sure to tell us exactly how you like it so we can give you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.


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