Choosing a pair of footwear to go with your daily outfit takes a lot of thinking to do. Not the case with any Diana Ferrari boots which goes with whatever clothing you wear for any given season.


Some boots to consider buying for a look that suits your taste.

  • Orville black ankle boots. With a hidden zipper, expertly stitched with decorative panel and toe pad details. Go continental wearing straight white or black jeans and long-sleeved shirt to work in this stylish yet trendy leather pair.
  • Khaki Nubuck boots. A classic Chelsea pair with front perforations for an airy feel. Perfect for knitted dresses or flowing colorful scarves. This look will kill for day or night socializing.
  • Deitha DK leather. Comes in tan and with cutout side details, rear zipper and a fabulous 6cm stacked heels. Whether dressing up for work or a girl’s party night, kick your heels and dance the night away.
  • Harlet Nubuck. Whether in black or tan, this sophisticated ankle boot with pointy toe and with soft ruched collar can make you an envy in the office.
  • Blossum leather boots. A knee-high flat classic look perfect for long comfortable walks. Supple and crafted leather goes well with stockings and penciled-cut skirt and crisp white shirt.
  • Alovit DK leather boots. A bootie that looks like a sneaker with contrasting sole for a pleasant casual day wear. Wear denim pants and jacket during lunch with friends or shopping spree will be a hit.
  • Glaydie DF leather boots. Comes in cognac or white, this leather ankle pair is an instant hit with its cutout loop design all year round. A light color dress during summer or with white jeans during winter makes a perfect pair.



Diana Ferrari boots are designed for multi-functional look for work, leisure or a fun night out. You won’t go wrong with any casual or sophisticated outfit that offers comfortability and wearing a pair fit for any occasion.