If you are an owner of a horse then you should ensure that your horse gets all the necessary nutrition. If you provide your horse with the essential nutrition, then it will not only make them healthy but also it will make them look good. If you want to see better results, then you have to give them supplements for shiny horse coats. If you are considering including supplements in your horse nutrition diet program, then you should try out the livestock supplements with added fats or essential fatty acids (EFAs). With so many supplements for shiny horse coats available in the market, it is very easy to buy one for your horse. You should be very careful when buying as there are many supplements that omit the fatty acids that are necessary for your horse. You should also make sure that the product you buy, is fresh. You can check that by look at the manufacturing date of the product, and you can also smell it. Older products smell really bad and will not give you any benefits to your horse.


Essential fatty acids are essential for many biological processes in the body. These fats are very important for the production of hormones and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, and K). The body metabolizes these fats into triglycerides and is stored as an energy source, which can also be used as an immediate source of energy.


One of the main benefits of feeding fats to the horse is that your horse can get healthy and have a shiny hair coat. If you feed your horse with essential fatty acids in the morning then it is metabolised slowly throughout the day and gives needed energy the whole day. You should know that calories from fats are almost 2,5 times that of calories from carbohydrates and protein.

If you buy supplements for shiny horse coats then make sure that you give them on time. The addition of fats to your diet slows down the digestion process and stabilises the blood sugar level and gives energy. You will also notice a better temperament and a gradual weight gain in the horse. Another benefit of EFAs is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps build a stronger immune system and fight off infections.


If you want a shiny and quality hair coat of your horse all year, then make sure that you give them the necessary nutrition and find the best supplements for shiny hair coats. You should make sure that your supplement contains cocosoya oil.