The wheels of a car are an important factor in ensuring the safety and maneuverability of your vehicle.

1)Wheel size

Car wheels come in different sizes, depending on the type of the vehicle. Larger cars usually use larger sized wheels than smaller vehicles. The size also affects how easily you can drive your car. Wheel sizes also affect whether or not you will be able to use certain tires with them, so it is best to consult with your mechanic about which size you should buy for your car.


2)Wheel materials

There are many different kinds of wheels, depending on the purpose that they were made for. Car wheels are usually rubber or metal. Car rims can be either one or a combination of these materials. There are also alloy car wheels, which are lighter than steel ones but more expensive to make and repair if damaged. These types of wheels are usually mounted onto sports cars because they offer better performance, handling and speed.

3)Wheel alignment

The way that the tire is mounted on the rim affects how smoothly your vehicle will drive. A “toe” in one of your tires means that it’s not pointing directly ahead, so you’ll have uneven tread wear and poor handling. There are two ways to fix this: you can either have your mechanic realign the offending wheel, or you could replace it with a new one entirely .


4)Wheel balance

Car tires need to have perfect balance in order for the vehicle to drive smoothly and not sway from side to side as you speed down the road. A balanced wheel means that both of its axles are at equal height from the center of rotation on the car’s axle. This can be checked by shaking or rotating your car’s wheel while standing next to it: if you see any movement, this usually indicates an unbalanced tire and one which needs replacing so that you can drive safely and without discomfort.  If you want to buy a wheels online Australia, you can check Autocraze.