The Volcano bong is the new edition of the 20th-century classic version. This is the most popular bong of all time. This is a flower vaporizing machine, and it has a volcano-shaped base that utilizes convection heat. This fills big plastic balloon storage with vapor. Before the device starts the setup instigates a gust of smoke that erupts from a volcano.


This was very popular in the mid-2000s. However, after the more advanced systems took place it buried the volcano vaporizer. To honor this widely popular bong there has been a reissue of a volcano in 24k gold completion. This gives the feel of the classic bong, also stoners will get the ambiance of winning a trophy reward. Let’s know more about this vaporizer in this article.


Things you can vape with Volcano bong:


This is compatible with a thin blend of flours mix. It also consists of a drop pad.


The usage of the volcano vaporizer:


  • Before you know the usage you have to know about the parts it has. Drips pad, volcano base, valve balloon with a mouthpiece attached to it, normal screen set, assembly, and filling the chamber with cap.
  • You have to plug in the base and ensure it’s set on a sturdy and flat surface. You have to select the temperature. You can begin with the dial between 5 to 6. Then remove the filling chamber guard, and unscrew the top part from the lower. Grind the flower into a good mix, and ensure the blend is properly done, so the hot air can pass through easily.
  • After this, you have to fill the chamber with the powder and screw the cap and try not to make it too tight. This should be loose for the passing of air.

The operation of Volcano bong:


  • You need to preheat the flower if the lamp is not on
  • Start the heat button and it will turn orange.
  • After you fill the chamber, you have to wait for the orange light to go off. This will signal you to start smoking.
  • Before you attach the balloon to the filling part, you have to set it tight and keep it in a straight position. This way the air will flow easily and fill the balloon.
  • You have to detach the mouthpiece from the balloon and add the top of the volcano.
  • Now you have to flip the green tab as the bag will start to fill.
  • You have to stay alert about the vapor amount in the balloon.


The best temperature to vapor the flour ground is 350 Fahrenheit. For more, you have to turn the volume up and down for less. The vaping performance of volcano bong gives the feeling of a ritual, and people like it.